About Moksh Tech

About Moksh Tech

We are a leading global smartsourcing services company with highly skilled professionals working for our clients and partners. We provide reliable, secure, and cost effective services 24/7/365. Our global smartsourcing services touch information technology, administrative back office services and commercial construction industries.

At Moksh Tech, we have collaborated with MSPs to execute your day-to-day tasks and supports for over a decade – allowing your business to focus on growing and onboarding new clients.

Our IT support services are provided remotely using secure and reliable technology, from our Network Operations Center (NOC) located in Gujarat, India. Our engineers are experienced, qualified, and vendor-certified, following defined, tested, and proven best practice processes in providing services to our clients.

Our goal is providing unique value added smartsourcing services that enables companies to strategically focus on their core businesses while we take care of all other non-core activities that may constitute distraction to your primary mission. We believe any job that can be accomplished through a computer and a phone can be done from any place in the world. Our aim is to

  • Provide quality productive service
  • Increase job efficiency by process innovation and automation
  • Cost effective service